SQL Formatter

SQL Beautifier is used to format MY SQL, SQL Server, and all other Queries. That means you can view your data in a readable format.

  • It helps in SQL formatter.
  • You can also Minify your SQL data to reduce its size.
  • You can also download your SQL Data with minify or beautify.
  • Directly copy SQL Data and paste when you want and clear your Data.
  • You can undo and redo your changes. it means you can directly edit SQL Data.
  • Try with our sample data.
  • SQL Beautifier Mainly used for Select, Update and delete Statement in SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle and Other SQLs.

What is SQL ?

  • SQL (Structured Query Language) is a Programming language. That is used to store data and manage them with Queries.

    We can use select, Insert, Update & Delete Query to manage data in Any Platform.

    There are also many things you can do with SQL like Primary Key, Reference Key, Uniq Key, etc.

    SQL is Open Source.

Know more about SQL.

SQL Formatter is working properly in Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge and it's Free.

We are not asking for your database password. So, Your data will be safe with us.